Lava Stone 108 mala & 2 wrist mala gift set

Gift Wrapping: Options Available

A handmade natural Lava bead mala with 108 8mm beads. It contains a combination of Taiwan Jade/Sunstone marker stones. This set also contains two 21 bead wrist mala.  Presented in recycled sari gift bags.

Lava Stone is the molten lava that has solidified to form a volcanic rock.  As a grounding stone, it gives balance to emotions and stability.  It is thought to help with the inner strength to overcome personal challenges and to diffuse anger.  The bracelets can be used as a calming essential oil diffuser.

Taiwan Jade & Sunstone  The Taiwan Jade symbolizes gentleness and nourishment, whilst the Sunstone will help to restore & nurture yourself.

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