Organic Elephant Essential Balm 14ml

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The Meadows Aroma Organic Elephant Essential Balm is a completely natural product made from pure essential oils, coconut and beeswax (free from any elephant parts!)

It is a synergistic blend that is excellent for many ailments, especially aches and pains.

Our product differs from many others due to our use of totally natural ingredients. The balm contains no petroleum derived oils or waxes and we only use calming oils, not stimulating ones.

We use our ingredients for the following actions:

  • Beeswax:  Used as a thickening agent and to dilute the oils
  • Lavender Oil:  An anti-septic, anti-viral, relaxing, sedative oil
  • Coconut Oil:  A light oil that helps with penetration through the skin and increases shelf life
  • Rosemary Oil:  Used for centuries for aches and pains, gout, poor circulation and is a muscle tonic
  • Tea Tree Oil:  Natures anti-septic, anti-viral etc. and it has some benefit for aches and pains
  • Peppermint Oil:  A cooling effect and is good for headaches and migraines
  • Cinnamon Leaf:  A slightly warming and analgesic effect that may help with poor circulation and also colds, flu etc.

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