5 Colour Vertical Prayer Flags - 4 meters

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A wonderful addition to any garden or Buddhist centre. These large colourful prayer flags carry the Praise to the 21 Tara’s, Kalachakra & Windhorse prints side by side on this brightly coloured prayer flag. They are fairly traded from a small Tibetan Refugee Family business in South India, using hand or treadle powered sewing machines as electric power is limited.

The flag is made up of 5 coloured squares blue, white, red, green and yellow with a YELLOW border running around 3 of its edges.  The edges of the small coloured tags on the prayer flags are un-hemmed, as this is part of the Buddhist philosophy of impermanence and thus the flag are expected to loose both their colour and start to deteriorate at the edges.

Praise to the 21 Tara’s, Kalachakra & Windhorse designs are printed twice on each coloured square. Traditionally the five elements are represented by the colour of the flags, Blue=space, White=water, Red=fire, Green=air & wind, Yellow=earth.

Its measurements are 4.3 meters (14ft) high & 87 cm (almost 3ft) wide.

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Arrived in excillent condition!!

Posted by subash g. on 6th Jan 2017
Arrived in excillent condition!!
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