Qualified Usui Reiki practitioner and Animal Reiki healer.

Meryl is based in the Cwmcarn Forest and Machen mountain valley, surrounded by the beautiful forests of the area in South East Wales. She has her own private Reiki Room 10min drive from J28 M4, where she treats private clients. She is full insured and is GDPR compliant.



Why Altruistic Reiki?

Altruism is the unselfish regard or devotion for the welfare of others. In the case of Reiki, it is the genuine concern for the wellbeing of the clients mind, body and spirit. 

My reiki room is based within a homely atmosphere and appointments are made to suit my clientele, which can daytime or evenings by request.  I keep reiki sessions to just a few a day, so people are not on a spiritual conveyor belt or time restricted.  

I am able take same day appointments if I have a convenient space.        

Please see Reiki therapy for people and  Reiki healing for pets and animals for further information on how to make an appointment, or use the dropdown "Reiki" Menu at the top of the page.


Address: 16 Fields Park Terrace, Crosskeys, Newport, NP11 7DA