Tingsha, Tibetan hand cymbal, Tibetan bells

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 Tingsha, the name for a Tibetan hand played cymbal or Tibetan chimes. These Tingsha have a lovely clear chimes and are the quality that is found in many Tibetan monasteries.  Encircled on the top are a choice of designs:

  • The eight Auspicious Symbols
  • Om mani pademe hum mantra or
  • Dragons.


  • SMALL - has a diameter of 5.5cm
  • MEDIUM - has a diameter of 6.5cm
  • LARGE - has a diameter of 7.5cm

The 8 Auspicious Symbols

* Right-coiled white conch * Precious umbrella * Victory Banner * Golden fish * Wheel * Auspicious drawing * Lotus flower * Vase of treasure.



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