Green Tara Mantra

Who was Green Tara and what does she represent? A mother, possibly born of a tear from Chenrezig or maybe she was a real princess. The history doesn’t hugely matter, as in Buddhism we are supposed to live in the present. We need to think of what it is that she represents in this moment of now-ness. Her form is always as a female, the mother of all Buddha’s, so how can we become or represent her?

Green Tara’s attributes are of a person who is committed to being a woman, a mother figure, who’s action is through compassion and she is always ready to offer comfort and protection to those in suffering. She is fearless and full of courage, yet has the softer side of being free from tension. I would add, clear headed, compassionate, but impartial, with a emotional detachment. This allows her to be level headed, thinking out of the box, kind, gentle, sweet; someone you could withdraw into in times of trouble. There is purity in her power, the action is done selflessly, as there is nothing for her to gain, not even the need for the return of respect.

- Green tara

What help is available is both physical and spiritual. She represents protection against physical dangers, thieves and sickness, such as a mother may do with a child. Additionally for emotional reasons, such as dealing with jealousy, desire, attachment, hate, greed, pride, delusion. She is simply there to bring us back to inner-peace, to return us to a state of ease.

Can we be this person? A question I can’t answer, but we can try a little and then a lot. Think of the worlds people as our own family, each with their own feelings, own lives, own paths. Watch without involvement, with emotional detachment. Stay clear headed and work out a clear path, but with the knowledge that not succeeding is not a failure. Whatever the outcome, it must be accepted. You are not expected to be omnipotent, just human, holding out a hand of respect & compassion. Keep within you the knowledge that you cannot have expectations, no presumption that there will be any appreciation in return. The knowledge is that you give without any particular outcome, any respect, possible failure.

Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed
Alexander Pope

OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA = Swift heroine, she who dispels all my fears, she who fulfils all my wishes.

In the cycle of life, Tara release me from physical suffering, the 8 fears, disease and disturbing thoughts, so I may take relief from my suffering and teach me to be compassionate. I connect and trust in you, it is not just wishful thinking.

Tara prayer flags