Crystal Therapy Bracelets

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Delightful "amma" handmade therapy crystal bracelets produced in the UK, by our Reiki Master Anne-Marie.  Each are 6 inches circumference, using 8mm good quality crystal  beads and high quality jewellers elastic cord.  The bracelet comes displayed in a simple gift box.

Dark Amethyst is thought to be a powerful cleanser of negative energies. It can help to alleviate stress and bring emotions into balance, bringing clear thinking and insight.

Red Carnelian is thought to encourage creativity and to take on new activities with courage & confidence.  The determination to see a project through.

Labradorite is an intuitive and self-discovery crystal and considered a highly spiritual stone.  It can exhibit so called labrasorescence, flashes of blue, green or red light deep within the crystal.

Rhodochrosite is known as the "stone of love".  It can be a soothing influence bringing inner peace, joy and healing.  It helps with forgiveness, compassionate feelings and emotional calm.

Sunstone is considered to help encourage joy and happiness.  Creates confidence and enthusiasm, along with raising spirit. Could be used for management of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Sodalite is a powerful crystal for dealing with negative feelings such as guilt or fear. It can bring mental clarity to a turbulent mind and is thought to help with issues arising from low self-esteem.

Tiger's eye can encourage focus and concentration and may help to overcome creative blocks. It has a grounding energy, helping to realise goals and ambitions.



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