Altruistic Reiki

Meryl is a qualified Usui Reiki practitioner and Animal Reiki healer. She is based in the Cwmcarn Forest and Machen mountain valley, surrounded by the beautiful forests of the area in South East Wales. She has her own private Reiki Garden Room 10min drive from J28 M4, where she treats private clients. She is full insured and is GDPR compliant.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese art of energy healing. The word Reiki means Universal Energy and is pronounced Ray-Key. It is a non-intrusive therapy, where the practitioner will place their hands on or above the person or animal to channel the healing energy. The technique is said to create relaxation, promote healing and wellbeing. It is a complimentary therapy to orthodox medicine and not a substitute for traditional medication or treatments.


The reiki session is given fully clothed in a quite environment. It is suitable for both people and animals. People with medical conditions should consult their doctor prior to a visit.

Animal Reiki

Reiki has been a popular therapy with many practitioners and a few of us have qualified to offer the same healing energy to animals. Horses respond well to reiki and accept the gentle energy to help them with behavioural problems such as nervousness, stress and anxiety. Animals on rest or recuperation will find that Reiki may help to calm and promote healing. An animal which has had a traumatic situation from abuse, neglect, loss of companion or received though a rescue establishment, Reiki may help to relax and heal those emotions.

During the Reiki therapy session, the animal may become settled and start to yawn as the healing energy is channelled. An animal that is stressed may take longer to respond, especially if alert for danger or scared. The animal will be in control of accepting how much Reiki it wishes to receive during that session. There is no need to move or disrupt the animal as it can be given wherever they are.

Pets will require consent from a veterinary surgeon prior to a Reiki session.

    bellasm.jpg  bella-2sm.jpg  bella1small.jpg

      Bella receiving a Reiki session from Meryl

You can contact Meryl via email through the contact page or call on 07799 225 334 to make an enquiry or an appointment. Please call during office hours.


  • M4 junction 27 or 28 is 10 mins drive, on street parking
  • Crosskeys Station (Cardiff to Ebbw Vale line) 6 mins walk
  • Buses 151 Newport to Blackwood;  Bus X15 Newport to Brynmawr
  • Travel to the animal/pet can be arranged, so that they feel more relaxed and secure in thier own home, if upto half an hour away.

Cost of session:

  • The client pays an amount that they can afford for the session.  This allows the client to obtain the number of Reiki healing sessions that they require, as opposed to the number they can afford.