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WELCOME to Altruistic Reiki, where we believe in a holistic approach to health and healing.  Meryl is a complementary therapist in both Reiki and Bach Flower remedies. Believing that nature helps to heal, she has based her practice in the village of Crosskeys, near the beautiful valley of Cwmcarn.  She also practices at Blackwood Wellbeing Centre.

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Meryl has an altruistic outlook on life and has been involved within the Mind, Body and Spirit profession since 2005, when she set up her first business selling meditation aids and Dharma products.  She then qualified as a Usui Reiki therapist, and on moving her practice to Crosskeys, she found healing in nature helps to improve your mood and can reduce stress and anxiety.

Being interested in holistic medicine, she had a desire to learn more about the wonderful flower remedies of Dr Edward Bach.  The are said to support positive thinking and improve wellbeing, so Meryl then spent three years qualifying as a BFRP practitioner.


What are Bach Flower remedies?

The philosophy of Bach flower remedies, is that we are more likely to heal if we are in a positive  emotional state. Edward Bach discovered 38 plant remedies that each relate to our feelings and can help take us from a negative emotional state into a more positive one.  Each remedy has a list of emotions that it relates to, rather than a set symptoms and Meryl has been trained to help you make decisions on which specific remedies would be helpful to her clients.  The remedies can be safely taken with other medicine and they are completely safe for children and pregnant mothers.



Reiki is helpful with Fibromyalgia sufferers, within a pain management regime.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese art of energy healing. The word Reiki means Universal Energy and is pronounced Ray-Key. It is a non-intrusive therapy, where the practitioner will place their hands on the person to channel the healing energy. The technique is said to create relaxation, promote healing and wellbeing. It is a complimentary therapy and not a substitute for traditional medication or treatments.

Therapy appointments can be made for daytime & evenings to suit.  Some same day appointments can be made if time is available.  I am able take same day appointments if I have a convenient space.      

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