Incense Sticks OM Natural HONEY based FairTrade 15g

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This is a fabulously fragrant Natural HONEY based incense, which is a combination of a blend of oils, finest natural resins, honey and wood powders. The OM INCENSE is produced by a FAIR TRADE manufacturer OM Incense Works and hand crafted with sustainable natural materials in India. There are roughly 10 sticks in a pack, but this can vary as it is sold by weight.  Each stick has a ONE hour burning time and 13 great fragrances .to choose from. 
We just ask that you buy at least 2 boxes of incense or purchase with another item, so that we can recuperate our shipping cost.

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Amazing quality

Posted by Judy K. on 27th Mar 2016
I adore incense and I've tried a lot of different brands. I'd never heard of the Om before so I thought I'd give them a go. Wow! I frankly was not expecting them to be so good and so potent. I bought 8 different scents and they're all lovely, but my favourites are Temple (an unusual, heady floral), Patchouli (the most genuine I've found short of burning patchouli leaves) and the best Nag Champa I've ever tried. I know I sound like a rep for the company but honestly, I was so surprised and impressed that I had to come and share my discovery. :)
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