Large Fleece Sherpa Blanket

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These are our fluffy Sherpa blankets which are made in the Himalayas in India.  We have given the nick-name "Sherpa" to them, as they are soft, large and super warm. These warm shawls are often purchased by both Tibetan refugees and Nepalese for resale as the weather gets colder in both India and Nepal. 


We have been buying Indian shawls for over a decade now, directly from the manufacturers.  Often sitting sipping tea in their showrooms, choosing designs and colours to bring back to sell in the UK.  We know many of the manufacturers face to face including "Hill Queen Shawls", "Tibet Handloomed Shawls", "Nitten Shawl Emporium" and many of the smaller companies too.  Each of the companies are family based, employing the local people to work in their workshops, factories and warehouses. 


They all make three qualities of shawls: a)100% Polyester, b)Mixed fibres Polyester & Acrylic and c)their top quality 100% Acrylic.  They all use a similar synthetic yarn which goes by the trade name "Yak Wool", albeit that there is no actual yak hair woven into it.  Unfortunately, some western sellers are either taken in by the label, or just mis-sell the product to unsuspecting customers.  As Hill Queen work with us, we know that they do not misrepresent their products on their labels.

Colours may vary from photos, due to ambient light and camera settings

Material: 100% Acrylic

Size approx: 8ft (240cm) by 4ft (120cm)