Tibetan Door Curtain - 8 auspicious signs

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These Tibetan door curtains are delightful in 2 colours design.  They have been produced in a good quality mixed cotton fabric which has an embroidered of the 8 Auspicious Symbols.  This beautiful traditional Tibet Door Curtain can also be used as an excellent wall hanging.  Eaach one is handmade, so  the embroidery colours will vary on each curtain.

This  appliqué door curtain is approx. 100cm x 185cm and has 3 material tabs at the top for hanging.  This is a heavy weight curtain, which has been made in India by Tibetan Refugees

The Eight Auspicious Symbols * Right-coiled white conch * Precious umbrella * Victory banner * Golden fish * Wheel * Auspicious drawing (endless knot) * Lotus flower * Vase of treasure *.

*Colour may vary from photos due to different divices having various display capabilities

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